Balanded Fund

A mutual fund whose objective is both growth and income, and that invests in both stocks and bonds.

Bond Fund

Invests primarily in high quality government and corporate bonds and debentures. The focus of the fund is capital protection and maximization of income returns.


Concept of reducing the risk of a portfolio by investing in different asset classes and with various fund managers.


Portion of a company's profits that is paid to shareholders.

Equity Fund

Invests in stock market instruments offering greater return potential than guaranteed or fixed income funds but with more volatility.

Fixed Income Fund

Invests in debt instruments issued by corporations, governments or government agencies. The objective is to provide attractive interest returns with lower volatility.

Mortgage Fund

Invests in commercial and industrial mortgages, diversified by type and location. While less liquid than many other fixed income funds, this fund offers the potential for superior long-term returns.

Mutual Fund

An investment product that pools various investor’s money and is managed by a professional portfolio manager who makes investments for the fund, on behalf of its investors. This portfolio manager will invest in varying securities (I.e. Stocks, bonds, debt security or derivatives), depending upon the objectives and profile of the fund.

Non-registered Funds

Deposits made with after-tax dollars and not invested in registered tax-sheltered vehicles such as RRSPs. Income earned by the funds is taxed annually even if the investment earnings are not actually withdrawn.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

Government registered vehicle that allows investors to postpone paying current income taxes while saving for retirement.

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